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Artist Acceleration


Social Media


Social media is vital for artists, serving as a powerful platform to share their music and messages, including the gospel. Being active and engaging online is key. We specialize in crafting effective social media strategies, tailored to amplify your presence and impact.

Let us guide you in harnessing social media’s potential to elevate your artistic journey and share the Gospel with the world.



Public Relations (PR) is crucial for artists, shaping public perception and building a strong, relatable brand. A well-crafted PR strategy can elevate your profile, connect you with your audience, and open doors to new opportunities. Our expertise lies in designing

PR campaigns that resonate with your unique story and artistic vision. Let’s collaborate to create a compelling narrative that captivates and engages.

custom production

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In today’s music industry, the right beat can set you apart. Our in-house team of skilled beat producers understands this. We specialize in crafting unique, captivating beats that resonate with artists styles and audiences. Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge or classic, our producers are adept at creating the perfect sound to elevate your music.

Collaborate with us for beats that truly set you apart and allow you to get syncs and royalties unlike leased beats.



At One Vision Army, our core mission transcends mere music distribution. We integrate social media, public relations expertise, and exceptional beat production to craft not just music, but messages that stand out.

Our number one vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal isn’t fame for ourselves, but to exalt Jesus, believing that in lifting Him, He elevates everything else. The purity of heart in our work is paramount. We’re not just about creating music; we’re about discipleship, guiding artists to walk in the Kingdom of God and help advance the army of the Lord

Join us in a journey where faith meets artistry, and purpose aligns with passion.