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Adam Hagaman

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Equipping the Saints and Advancing the Kingdom!

Over the last 12 years, Adam Hagaman, also known as “CEO Preacher,” has embarked on an incredible entrepreneurial journey. He has not only founded or co-founded a remarkable ten different businesses but has also contributed to the creation of products for numerous other companies. These ventures, collectively, have generated a staggering revenue of over $200,000,000.

What sets Adam apart, however, is not just his success in the business world, but his unwavering passion for empowering fellow Kingdom Entrepreneurs. He’s committed to helping them discover their unique assignments and tap into the gifts and talents they possess. Adam firmly believes in their potential to excel as servant leaders, entrepreneurs, and revivalists within their respective spheres of cultural influence. Whether it’s in the realms of business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, or within the family and religious arenas, Adam is dedicated to nurturing their growth and effectiveness and teaching how to walk in this each and every day.

Adam, along with Kurtis Hoppie are the proud owners of “One Vision Army”. (OVA)  is a platform for ministry through music. OVA has achieved remarkable milestones, including multiple top 10 radio singles and the extraordinary blessing of securing two #1 positions in the competitive Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) genre.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, he cherishes the precious moments spent with his beloved wife, Sheila, and their four wonderful children. In addition to his thriving career and family life, Adam is a Licensed Minister who finds solace and spiritual connection in the great outdoors through his love for hunting and fishing. His multifaceted life journey reflects not only his diverse talents but also his deep commitment to faith, family, and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.